CR Manufacturing can custom build a complete grain truck probe system designed to safely increase your speed and efficiency. Grain truck probes can be installed on your scale or remotely for improved truck staging for country elevators, livestock feeders, food plants, feed mills, grain terminals, ethanol plants, flour mills, unit train facilities. Grain sample lines can be underground or overhead.

Standard Shuttle Grain Truck Probes

Standard Shuttle Probe

Over the years CR Manufacturing (CRM) has refined and improved our Shuttle Grain Truck Probes. They have many  features as standard equipment that others do not.

Our Standard Shuttle Grain Truck Probe is primarily designed for up to 180 degrees of rotation on a single lane of grain trucks. It is an excellent value for country elevators, livestock feeders, food plants, and feed mills. Our Shuttle II Grain Probe can rotate up to 320 degrees for dual truck lanes and is designed for high volume use at grain terminals, ethanol plants, flour mills, unit train facilities, and large processors.



Sample Catch Box

Optional Joy-Stick Control

Push-Button Hand Control

Standard Shuttle Grain Truck Probe Features:


7ft. Pneumatic Core Sampling - The quickest and most accurate method of sampling whole grain. No moving parts, no grain damaged by opening and closing of the probe doors. Our Pneumatic Stinger works on air flow, and only draws in what is forced up in the tip.


Low Pressure Hydraulics - Our Shuttle II Grain Probes can generate 700 lbs of down pressure, but from experience we have learned that 200 to 300 lbs of down pressure is more than enough to probe to the bottom of a semi hopper. Too much hydraulic power makes it that much easier to damage a trailer, and with aluminum trailers the problem is worse. Our hydraulic system pressure is set to a maximum of 750 psi compared to the 1200 to 1500 psi with other probes.


Air Craft Hydraulic Oil - Provides excellent cold weather operation and eliminates the need for a hydraulic tank heater. Food-grade hydraulic oil is optional.


Free Turning Design - When a truck leaves too soon, the probe sample head is free swinging and the mast assembly will free turn side to side with out damaging the turn chain, turn motor, etc. You can go right back to probing trucks. No shear pins or chains and sprockets to repair. This feature is not guaranteed to prevent damage but it significantly reduces the risk of damage to the probe and trailer.


Self-Contained Design - Most of the hydraulic, vacuum, and electrical components are located inside the probe base, mast, and boom for protection from sunlight, wind and weather.


Two Sizes of Extendable Boom - Both extendable booms telescope from 4 feet so you can place the stinger right where you need it. Standard length is 7'-6" retracted and 11'-6" extended. If you need extra reach to clear oversize loads, a 9'-0" retracted to 13'-0" extended boom is available.

Dual Flood Lights - Probe is equipped with two incandescent flood lights for night time use. Rough service LED flood lights are also available with an average life of 50,000 hours.


Signal Buzzer - Loud probe mounted buzzer is normally used to signal drivers when they can leave.


Hydraulic Pump Timer - If the probe is not used for five minutes, the hydraulic pump will shut off automatically and restarts when one of the function buttons is pressed (up - down - left - right - in - out).




Basic Probe Information:


Hydraulic system: 1-1/2hp 220VAC (single phase), 750psi, 3.0gpm, 2.5 gal. reservoir. Aircraft hydraulic oil is standard. Food grade oil is optional.

Vacuum system: 1hp, 220VAC, 3 stage blower/vacuum pump.

Electrical requirements: 20 amps, 208/240VAC single-phase.

Probe controls: 12VDC, push-button operation. Joystick control is optional.



Probe Specifications:


Base foot print: 34" (parallel to scale) x 25" deep with (8) 5/8" x 6" anchors

Mast: 5" x 5" x 1/4" square tube.

Extendable boom: 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" with 3" x 3" x 1/4" telescoping tube.

Stinger (sample head) - 2-1/4" O.D. x 7 ft.


Download Shuttle Swing drawing pdf.


Download Shuttle Clearance drawing pdf.

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