CR Manufacturing can custom build a complete grain truck probe system designed to safely increase your speed and efficiency. Grain truck probes can be installed on your scale or remotely for improved truck staging for country elevators, livestock feeders, food plants, feed mills, grain terminals, ethanol plants, flour mills, unit train facilities. Grain sample lines can be underground or overhead.

Speed up traffic with Scale Ticket Return Systems

Grain Truck Probe Ticket Return Systems can help speed up grain truck traffic by saving the truck driver the time needed to come in to the elevator office or feed mill to pick up the scale ticket.


Our One-Way Scale Ticket Return Systems are designed to send the scale ticket out to the grain truck driver, and can also be used with a plastic ticket carrier tube for use on long distance systems.


These systems include the ticket catch box, single or dual vacuum motors (depending on distance), and controls. The controls are designed with a timer for running the vacuum motor which will automatically shut off after the ticket is received. Options include the empty ticket carrier tube storage barrel and intercoms.



One-Way Ticket System

Bank Style Ticket System

Two-Way Scale Ticket Return Systems are also available to return the empty carrier tube and we have designed custom systems.


Probe ticket systems use a single 3" carrier that travels back & forth in a single 3" pipe. Travel distances can range from several feet to hundreds of feet by adding blower motors. These systems are normally used when the driver needs to send in information to the office.


Standard scale ticket return systems include the send and receive boxes, blower motors,  controls, and special components for plumbing the system. Normally 3" PVC pipe is used and can be purchased a most any electrical supply house.

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