CR Manufacturing can custom build a complete grain truck probe system designed to safely increase your speed and efficiency. Grain truck probes can be installed on your scale or remotely for improved truck staging for country elevators, livestock feeders, food plants, feed mills, grain terminals, ethanol plants, flour mills, unit train facilities. Grain sample lines can be underground or overhead.

Remote Grain Truck Probes

CR Manufacturing has designed an underground grain line system with no plugging problems, no moisture problems, and if ever needed, serviceable without having to dig up the whole system.


The first and biggest benefit of underground is the cost savings. Compared to the cost of concrete pads, overhead supports, overhead framework, and the benefit of being almost indestructible, an underground system is considerably less cost and less maintenance.


With our unique design, ground frost and high water tables are not a problem. To date, the longest underground is over 500 ft., and we commonly install 200 to 300 ft. long systems.


At grain sampling locations where underground is not possible, we install overhead systems that are designed for a neat appearance and long service


With our experience, 3M Intercom Systems, Grain Truck Camera Systems, Red and Green Signal Lights, and Scale Ticket Returns, we can provide a complete grain sampling system, underground or overhead, that will help increase your traffic flow.

Our service after the sale is unmatched in the industry!

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