CR Manufacturing can custom build a complete grain truck probe system designed to safely increase your speed and efficiency. Grain truck probes can be installed on your scale or remotely for improved truck staging for country elevators, livestock feeders, food plants, feed mills, grain terminals, ethanol plants, flour mills, unit train facilities. Grain sample lines can be underground or overhead.

Time-saving 3M Truck Intercom Speakers

Installing a 3M Intercom System can save valuable time by allowing the grain truck driver to remain in the grain truck while he waits for the Shuttle II Grain Probe.


For quality and dependability we use 3M™ Intercoms Systems.


From experience we have found that a phone handset provides the best communication with the grain truck driver. Bullhorn speakers pick up wind and background noise which makes it difficult to understand the driver.









Phone handsets are commonly used with our Remote Grain Probes, where it is important to hear the grain truck drivers clearly, and the bullhorn speaker/mic is used in less critical areas such as our Scale Ticket Return Systems, to answer any questions or page the grain truck driver.


From experience we have found that a truck telephone handset provides the best communication with the grain truck driver.


3M™ truck intercom systems have options available such as vehicle detection, flex-mics, and foot operated switches. A 'push to call' button can be added to allow the grain truck driver to call in. The handset automatically calls in when lifted off the hook.

3M Intercom


Truck Phone & Enclosure

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